ASP Monograph

Instructions, Templates, Macros and Forms

As an editor, you will need all the editor and author instructions and macros. They address important LaTeX matters as well as general information regarding specific elements of the book. The use of each of these files will become evident when you read the editor and author instruction manuals.


For questions on the macros and LaTeX-specific instructions, please contact:

Terry Mahoney, LaTeX consultant:
Lisa Roper, ASPCS publication manager:

For questions on the general online instructions, please contact:

Lisa Roper, ASPCS publication manager:
Amy Schuff, ASPCS editorial assistant:

The author’s instructions, templates, macros and forms are available for authors on the Author’s Information Page. Please note: If an author or editor sends any files by FTP, they should always set the FTP to binary (using the "bin" command). If they don't do this, the files may not be transferred correctly.


The ASPCS has provided two sets of crucial instructions to aid authors and editors as they prepare and compile their papers and the volume as a whole. These instructions not only address LaTeX-specific commands, but also important general information regarding the content and layout of elements of the book and papers, including information on front matter (dedication, table of contents, preface, participants list, and conference photos), images, tables, running heads, titles, authors and affiliations, references, etc. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary challenges.

Click the following links to open the instructions, or right click and save to download them. They may also be downloaded with the other files below.

ASP Conference Series–Instructions for Editors Using LaTeX 2e Markup: .tex format
.pdf format
ASP Conference Series–Instructions for Authors Using LaTeX 2e Markup: .tex format
.pdf format

Intermediary Fixes for ASPCS 2006 Files

The 2006 ASP Conference Series files include many helpful improvements such as an automated table of contents and improved instructions.

However, we have discovered a few small problems in the 2006 files. We are working to fix these items as well as a few other stylistic issues that need testing and will take some time. In the meantime, the solutions are posted here to avoid any problems as you compile. These revisions have been added to the files below as of June 19, 2007. If you have already downloaded files, would you please make the following revisions to your 2006 files?

1. In aspvolume.tex, please add a second set of braces after \tocentry{Preface} so it will be \tocentry{Preface}{}. The Foreword, Participants, and Conference Photo \tocentry lines also need this second set of braces. Without the second set of braces, you will receive an error when latexing the aspvolume.tex file.

2. In aspvolume.tex, after the \tableofcontents line, please add \clearpage to correct a problem with pagination of the front matter in the table of contents.

3. In preface.tex, comment out or remove \addtocontentsline{toc}{section}{Preface}. This was a duplicate entry for the table of contents.

4. In asp2006.sty, the automated table of contents sometimes produces tight spacing between the authors and titles. To correct this, please add \smallskip as follows:


5. In copyrightpage.tex, please change the textheight from 21.6cm to 8.3in, to keep page v of the table of contents from exceeding the bottom margin, as follows:


6. Please add the copyright symbol to the slug by adding "\copyright" to the following line in asp2006.sty:

\@journalname, Vol.\ \@jourvol, \copyright\ \cpr@year\\

We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from these problems. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Templates, Macros and Forms

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File Name Description File Size All files required by the editor, including instructions, templates and macros for both editors and authors (all files below) 4.13 MB
OR Download files individually
aspeditor2006.tex APSCS Instructions for Editors Using LaTeX 2e Markup–this file is especially helpful to use as a working example of how to create a paper using our LaTeX template and style file 94.7 KB
aspeditor2006.pdf ASPCS Instructions for Editors–PDF format 647 KB
Supplementary image files called by aspeditor2006.tex 140 KB
145 KB
219 KB
145 KB
145 KB
146 KB
217 KB
146 KB
asp2006.sty ASPCS Style File (updated 1/31/07) 17 KB
aspvolume.tex ASPCS Book Template (updated 6/19/07) 4.27 KB
logo_bw.eps ASP Logo for Title Page 72 KB
halftitle.tex Half Title Page Template 1 KB
halftitle_verso.tex Verso of Half Title Page Template 3 KB
titlepage.tex Title Page Template 2 KB
copyrightpage.tex Copyright Page Template (updated 6/19/07) 2 KB
dedication.tex Dedication Page Template 1 KB
foreword.tex Foreword Template 1 KB
preface.tex Preface Template (updated 6/19/07) 1 KB
participants.tex List of Participants Template 1 KB
participants.att List of Participants Input File 4 KB
conf_photo.tex Conference Photo Template 1 KB
Sample Conference Photos 1.6 MB
1.5 MB
maillist.xls Participant's Mailing List form for shipping of books and electronic access–Excel format (updated 3-6-08) 22 KB
maillist.txt Participant's Mailing List form–text format (updated 3-6-08) 1.8 KB
Application to Publish (updated 3-6-08) 79.4 KB
30 KB
39 KB
77 KB
marginguide.pdf Margin Guide 14.4 KB
Submission Form (updated 3-6-08) 41 KB
13.9 KB
120 KB
Copyright Form 5.9 KB
8.1 KB
31.2 KB
5.2 KB
Permission to Use Form 165 KB
296 KB
207 KB
Editor's Final Checklist 30 KB
16.5 KB
37.6 KB
Author's Final Checklist 31.5 KB
9.7 KB
12.1 KB
aspauthor2006.tex ASPCS Instructions for Authors Using LaTeX 2e Markup–LaTeX format 110 KB
aspauthor2006.pdf ASPCS Instructions for Authors–PDF format 340 KB
asptemplate.tex Author's Paper Template 2 KB
usinggraphicx.tex Graphicx Instructions–LaTeX format 8 KB
usinggraphicx.pdf Graphicx Instructions–PDF format 69 KB
Supplementary image files called by author's aspauthor2006.tex and graphicx.tex 210 KB
209 KB
1 KB
1 KB
ASPreadme.txt Text file listing each file and what it does 5 KB