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Website FAQs

  • Why e-books?

    We are pleased to offer the ASP Monograph Publications in an e-book format to accommodate the needs of users who are increasingly used to receiving research reports in this form. Our e-books are posted up to two months prior to the book being released in print. E-books are helpful for institutions because multiple users can access various papers in the same book, from multiple on-site locations, all at the same time.

  • How do I get access to the electronic version of the book?

    To access ASP Monograph Publications articles, you must have an account on our website. Accounts are generated internally if you purchase a hard copy volume from the ASP. If you purchased in this manner but cannot access the e-book, please e-mail with the following to receive access through a username and password: your name, e-mail address, the volume #, and date and method of purchase. If you purchase e-access through this site, access will be set up following verification of payment. You will be notified by email when access has been granted.

    Access without a password (through IP authentication) is provided for users at institutions which have purchased the book. If you are with an institution, e-access is granted upon receipt of payment. Please contact with questions about e-access, billing or payment. If your institution orders through a third-party reseller, please have the reseller send complete information regarding your purchase to to arrange e-access.

    If you would like to purchase a printed volume, including electronic access, please purchase through the AstroShop. If you have forgotten your password, you may request that it be sent to you by e-mail.

  • How can I purchase a book?

    If you would like to purchase a printed volume, including individual electronic access through username and password, please purchase through the AstroShop.

  • Can I purchase electronic access only?

    E-access purchases through this site are for individual use only.

Individuals: you can now purchase e-access only to a single article or an entire e-book. Please navigate to the volume or the article on this site and click "Add to Cart." Checkout through PayPal using a PayPal account or credit card. Access is provided upon verification of payment. Purchases through this site are for electronic access only. Printed books with e-access must be purchased through the AstroShop.

Institutions: e-access only to individual volumes is not available for institutions. However, for individual volume purchases, institutions may purchase printed books—including e-access by username and password—through the AstroShop or they may purchase individual printed books with IP-authenticated access to those books by contacting Customer Service at our San Francisco office:

Tel: (415) 337-1100 X 114
Fax: (415) 337-5205
  • Can we sign up for a subscription?

    Because ASP Monograph Publications are not a serial publication, we are not offering institutional subscriptions. Institutions may purchase individual volumes by contacting customer service (contact info above).
  • Which volume titles are now available electronically?

    All ASPCS volumes, with one or two exceptions, are now available online. The others will be available soon. Our current list of available volumes is found by clicking Volume Listing here or in the navigation bar, under e-Books at the top of each page.

  • Why are some volumes missing?

    We are working on posting the past three Atlases, previously published by the ASP, and expect them to be available in early 2009. The order of posting our most current volumes may not follow in exact numerical order due to editorial and printing processes.

  • What are the upcoming volumes, and when will they be available?

    ASP Monograph Publications are published intermittently upon request. Check our homepage periodically to see if new publications are forthcoming.

  • Why are the tables of contents and abstracts available to everyone but not the complete papers?

    We would give free access to everything if we could figure out how to do that and still pay the bills! We provide the table of contents and abstracts for all volumes so potential customers can view the contents of the book before buying. The search and browse features of the website also allow easy searching of contents and abstracts to find volumes and articles on a particular subject or by a particular author.

  • Can I get access to specific papers rather than an entire volume?

    Yes! E-access to individual papers or entire e-books can now be purchased through this site. Simply navigate to the desired paper or volume and click "Add to Cart." If you would like to purchase a printed volume, including electronic access, please purchase through the AstroShop. Electronic access purchases are for individual use only,

  • How can I find the paper I'm looking for?

    If you know the volume which contains the paper, it may be found most easily in the Volume Listing under e-Books in the navigation bar at the top of each page. Simply click on the volume number of any volume for a complete table of contents. A list of papers by a particular author can be found through the Author Index or by Searching, also found under e-Books in the navigation bar. A search may also be used to find words in a paper title, paper abstract and book title, as well as authors and editors.

  • How can I get electronic access to papers referenced in the volumes?

    Reference information is only two clicks away through ADS. At the top right of each monograph's table of contents, between the volume number and the cover image, you will find a link to view that volume on ADS, which includes reference information for each paper listed.

  • Why can't I access the PDF files if I have an individual account?

    Individual accounts are issued with the purchase of a particular volume, granting access to that volume only. If you purchase additional volumes, they are added to your account if you provide the same name and e-mail address with your purchase. Instructions for access will be emailed to you shortly after purchase. If you have questions regarding volumes which have been assigned to your account or to consolidate two accounts, please e-mail

  • Why is it asking for a user name and password if I'm accessing from an institution?

    ASP Monograph Publications are not part of the Conference Series, and as such are not included in institutional subscriptions to the Conference Series. If your institution has purchased one of our Monographs and is having access difficulties, please delete cookies and temporary files. If this does not correct the problem, please e-mail, describing the problem and including your IP address as determined by so we may verify if your IP address is within the IP range registered with our site.

  • Where can I find ASP's Home Page?

    The Home Page of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is found at Electronic access to ASP Conference Series volumes can always be found by following the e-access site links on various pages of the ASP web site or by navigating directly to ASP Monograph Publications are available online at

  • How can we publish with the ASP Monograph Publications?

    For information on publishing with the ASP Monograph Publications, please contact our Managing Editor. Some Monographs can be published with the Conference Series templates. For general information, please view our Publishing with the ASP page, located under Publishing in the Navigation Bar at the top of each web page on the Conference Series website.

  • Is electronic-only publishing available with the ASP Monograph Publications?

    At the current time, publishing with the ASP Monograph Publications includes a hard copy printed volume, with accompanying e-book access. Electronic-only publishing is being considered as a viable option for the future of the ASP Monograph Publications, in addition to traditional book publishing. Please feel free to contact our managing editor with questions about electronic-only publishing.