ASP Monograph
Title: Twenty Years of ADASS
Volume: 6 Year: 2013  
Editors: Ian Evans

This ASP Monograph is a retrospective of the first twenty years of the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) conferences, which have been held annually since their inception in 1991.

The ADASS conferences enable scientists and scientific software developers to present and explore the latest innovations in algorithms, software, software systems, and technologies for astronomical data analysis and data management. They are the leading international forum for discussions about astronomical software and foster significant cross-fertilization of ideas between professionals working in these areas.

Each ADASS conference focuses on a set of key topics ranging from advanced visualization to the virtual observatory, algorithm development to web services. These and a wide range of additional topics are addressed in a program that includes invited speakers, contributed presentations, tutorial sessions, demonstrations, and “Birds of a Feather” discussion forums.

This retrospective includes previously published articles from the ADASS I through ADASS XX proceedings volumes, selected by the individual proceedings editors. The papers not only reflect on the state of the art at the time of original publication but also retain the flavor of the individual conferences. Many of these papers have had significant impact on the development of astronomical software over the past two decades, and will continue to do so in the future.

This volume will be of interest to a wide audience of scientists, scientific programmers, and science historians who are interested in the development and management of software systems for the physical sciences.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1 Evans, I. N.
Part I. Algorithms and Methods   
Improving the Statistical Methodology of Astronomical Data Analysis 3 Feigelson, E. D.; Babu, G. J.
The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Astronomical Scheduling Problems 11 Johnston, M. D.
Modelling Astrophysical Turbulent Convection 23 Brummell, N.: Toomre, J.
Numerical Simulations of Plasmas and Their Spectra 33 Ferland, G. J.; Korista, K. T.; Verner, D. A.
The Pixon Method of Image Reconstruction 43 Puetter, R. C.; Yahil, A.
Infrared Jitter Imaging Data Reduction: Algorithms and Implementation 53 Devillard, N.
Computational Technology for Bayesian Inference 57 Loredo, T. J.
HEALPix—a Framework for High Resolution, Fast Analysis on the Sphere 67 Górski, K. M.; Banday, A. J.; Hivon, E.; Wandelt, B. D.
Multi-Tree Methods for Statisics on Very Large Datasets in Astronomy 73 Gray, A. G.; Moore, A. W.; Nichol, R. C.; Connolly, A. J.; Genovese, C.; Wasserman, L.
Astrostatistics: Goodness-of-Fit and All That! 77 Babu, G. J.; Feigelson, E. D.
Automated Astrometry 87 Hogg, D. W.; Blanton, M.; Lang, D.; Mierle, K.; Roweis, S.
AD Conversion Revisited in the Frequency Domain 95 Chikada, Y.
Mixing Bayesian Techniques for Effective Real-time Classification of Astronomical Transients 105 Mahabal, A.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Donalek, C.; Drake, A.; Graham, M.; Williams, R.; Moghaddam, B.; Turmon, M.
Cross-identification of Astronomical Objects: Playing with Dice 109 Budavári, T.
Fitting Galaxies on GPUs 115 Barsdell, B. R.; Barnes, D. G.; Fluke, C. J.
Part II. Archives and Databases   
The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database 121 Madore, B. F.; Helou, G.; Corwin Jr., H. G.; Schmitz, M.; Wu, X.; Bennett, J.
Archiving Data from Ground-Based Observatories 123 Albrecht, M. A.
Recommendations for a Service Framework to Access Astronomical Archives 133 Travisano, J. J.; Pollizzi, J. A.
Distributed Astronomical Data Archives 139 Fullton, J.
The New Astrophysics Data System 147 Eichhorn, G.; Murray, S. S.; Kurtz, M. J.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C. S.
Indexing and Searching Distributed Astronomical Data Archives 151 Jackson, R. E.
Archives of Data from Ground-Based Observatories 155 Crabtree, D. R.; Durand, D.; Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.
The VLT Science Archive System 161 Albrecht, M. A.; Angeloni, E.; Brighton, A.; Girvan, J.; Sogni, F.; Wicenec, A. J.; Ziaeepour, H.
The HST Science Data Archive as a Discovery Tool: First Experiment 165 Micol, A.; Durand, D.; Schade, D.; Gaudet, S.; Stetson, P.; Pirenne, B.; Benvenuti, P.; Malloci, G.; Raviv, G.
The Multimission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute 169 Padovani, P.; Abney, F.; Christian, D.; Comeau, T.; Donahue, M.; Hanisch, R.; Harrison, J.; Imhoff, C.; Kidwell, R.; Kimball, T.; Levay, K.; Postman, M.; Richon, J.; Smith, M.; Thompson, R.
The SIRTF Science Center Is Alive And Well And Living In Pasadena 173 Green, W. B.
The SuperCOSMOS Science Archive 177 Hambly, N.; Read, M.; Mann, B.; Sutorius, E.; Bond, I.; MacGillivray, G.; Williams, P.; Lawrence, A.
The Design of the W. M. Keck Observatory Archive 181 Berriman, G. B.; Ciardi, D. R.; Laity, A. C.; Tahir-Kheli, N. D.; Conrad, A.; Mader, J.; Tran, H.; Bida, T.
SAADA: Astronomical Databases Made Easier 187 Michel, L.; Nguyen, H. N.; Motch, C.
The Many Faces of SIMBAD 197 Genove, F.
Organizing the LSST Database for Real-Time Astronomical Processing 205 Becla, J.; Lim, K.-T.; Monkewitz, S.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.; Thakar, A.
The HST Cache—A Technical Overview 209 Haase, J.; Durand, D.; Stoehr, F.; Micol, A.
Part III. Data Formats   
Definition of a Distribution Format for X-Ray Data 215 Conroy, M. A.; Garcia, M. R.; Mandel, E. G.; Roll. J.; Worrall, D. M.
Representations of Celestial Coordinates in FITS 221 Greisen, E. W.; Calabretta, M.
Optimal Compression of Floating-Point FITS Images 225 Pence, W. D.; White, R. L.; Seaman, R.
LOFAR and HDF5: Toward a New Radio Data Standard 229 Anderson, K.; Alexov, A.; Bä hren, L.; Grieß meier, J.-M.; Wise, M.; Renting, G. A.
Part IV. Data Mining and Virtual Observatory   
Astrobrowse: A Multi-site, Multi-wavelength Service for Locating Astronomical Resources on the Web 235 McGlynn, T.; White, N.
ESO/CDS Data-mining Tool Development Project 239 Ortiz, P. F.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wicenec, A.; Albrecht, M.
Distributed Data Systems and Services for Astronomy and the Space Sciences 243 Hanisch, R. J.
Using XML for Accessing Resources in Astronomy 253 Ochsenbein, F.; Albrecht, M.; Brighton, A.; Fernique, P.; Guillaume, D.; Hanisch, R.; Shaya, E.; Wicenec, A.
The National Virtual Observatory 257 Szalay, A. S.
Data Mining and the Virtual Observatory: A Data Centre Viewpoint 267 Schade, S.; Dowler, P.; Durand, D.; Hill, N.; Gaudet, S.; Bohlender, D.
Science with Virtual Observatory Tools 273 Padvani, P.
Theoretical Support to Observational data in VO Context 283 Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Barbarisi, I.; Guainazzi, M.; Arviset, C.
Astronomy in the Framework of the Virtual Observatory 287 Solano, E.
Long-Term Preservation of Astronomical Research Results 297 Hanisch, R. J.
Cloudspace: Virtual Environments in the VO 301 Graham, M. J.; Williams, R. D.
Astronomy 2020: A Pragmatic Approach 305 Graham, M. J.
The Virtual Observatory: Retrospective and Prospectus 315 Hanisch, R. J.
Data Mining in the SIMBAD Database Web Log Files 323 Wenger, M.; Oberto, A.
Semantic Interlinking of Resources in the Virtual Observatory Era 327 Accomazzi, A.; Dave R.
Part V. Data Reduction Systems and Environments   
IRAF in the Nineties 339 Tody, D.
The AstroVR Collaboratory, An On-line Multi-User Environment for Research in Astrophysics 351 Van Buren, D.; Curtis, P.; Nichols, D. A.; Brundage, M.
A Home-Grown But Widely-Distributed Data Analysis System 361 Liszt, H. S.
Scisoft—A Collection of Astronomical Software for ESO Users 369 Hook, R. N.; Maguire, K.; Pirzkal, N.; Filippi, G.
The AIPS++ Project 373 McMullin, J. P.; Golap, K.; Myers, S. T.
Gaia Data processing Architecture 377 O'Mullane, W.; Lammers, U.; Bailer-Jones, C.; Bastian, U.; Brown, A. G. A.; Drimmel, R.; Eyer, L.; Huc, C.; Katz, D.; Lindegren, L.; Pourbaix, D.; Luri, X.; Torra, J.; Mignard, F.; van Leeuwen, F.
Part VI. Education, Outreach, and Publishing   
Electronic Publishing & Advanced Information Retrieval 389 Heck, A.
Electronic Publishing at the American Astronomical Society 401 Boyce, P. B.; Biemesderfer, C.
Teaching Astronomy via the Internet 409 Benacchio, L.; Brolis, M.; Saviane, I.
Linking and Tagging Initiatives at the Astrophysical Journal 413 Schwarz, G. J.
Tools and Services for Education and Outreach: Accessing Real Astronomical Data 419 Christian, C. A.
Part VII. Image Processing and Visualization   
Deconvolution for Real and Synthetic Apertures 429 Cornwell, T. J.
Restoration of Images and Spectra from the Hubble Space Telescope 437 White, R. L.
Difmap: An Interactive Program for Synthesis Imaging 447 Shepherd, M. C.
The Design and Implementation of Synthesis Calibration and Imaging in AIPS++ 455 Cornwell, T.; Wieringa, M.
Realtime, Object-oriented Reduction of Parkes Multibeam Data using AIPS++ 463 Barnes, D. G.
3D Visualization and Detection of Outflows From Young Stars 473 Borkin, M.; Arce, H.; Goodman, A.; Halle, M.
Visualization-Directed Interactive Model-Fitting to Spectral Data Cubes 477 Fluke, C. J.; English, J.; Barnes, D. G.
Computer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory: First Results and What's Next 481 Martens, P. C. H.; SDO Feature Finding Team
Part VIII. Miscellaneous   
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Networked Workstations as a parallel Processing Computer 493 Breen, J. O.; Meleedy, D. M.
Radio to X-Ray Observation of Quasars 497 Wilkes, B.; McDowell, J.
Photometric Calibration of the Digitized Sky Survey 507 Doggett, J.; Postman, M.; Lasker, B. M.; Meakes, M.
World Coordinate Systems as Objects 511 Warren-Smith, R. F.; Berry, D. S.
Reflections on a Decade of ADASS 515 Shaw, R. A.; Stobie, E.; Barg, I.
There (70°S @ 10,177 m) and Back Again, An Umbraphile's Tale 525 Schneider, G.
Seamless Distributed Observing with eSTAR 535 Allan, A.; Naylor, T.; White, R. R.; Seaman, R. L.
The State of ADASS 539 Rots, A. H.
Part IX. Pipelines   
OPUS-97: A Generalized Operational Pipeline System 547 Rose, J.
ORAC-DR: Pipelining With Other People's Code 551 Economou, F.; Bridger, A.; Wright, G. S.; Jenness, T.; Vurrie, M. J.; Adamson, A.
The SDSS Imaging Pipelines 555 Lupton, R.; Gunn, J. E.; Ivezić , Z.; Knapp, G. R.
The TERAPIX Pipeline 565 Bertin, E.; Mellier, Y.; Radovich, M.; Missonnier, G.
An Automatic Image Reduction Pipeline for the Advanced Camera for Surveys 575 Blakeslee, J. P.; Anderson, K. R.; Meurer, G. R.; Benítez, N.
XAssist: A System for the Automation of X-ray Astrophysics Analysis 579 Ptak, A.; Griffiths, R.
NICRED: A NICMOS Image Processing Pipeline 583 Magee, D. K.; Bouwens, R. J.; Illingworth, G. D.
Automating Reduction of Miltifiber Spectra from the MMT Hectospec and Hectochelle 587 Mink, D. J.; Wyatt, W. F.; Caldwell, N.; Conroy, M. A.; Furesz, G.; Tokarz, S. P.
MegaPipe: the MegaCam Image Stacking Pipeline 591 Gwyn, S. D. J.
The LOFAR Pulsar Data Pipeline 595 Alexov, A.; Hessels, J.; Mol, J. D.; Stappers, B.; van Leeuwen, J.
The Herschel Data Processing System — HIPE and Pipelines — Up and Running Since the Start of the Mission 599 Ott, S.
Part X. Software Tools and Packages   
ASURV: Astronomy Survival Analysis Package 605 Lavalley, M.; Isobe, T.; Feigelson, E.
Aladin: Towards an Interactive Atlas of the Digitized Sky 609 Bonnarel, F.; Paillou, Ph.; Ochsenbein, F.; Crélzé , M.; Egret, D.
XSPEC: The First Ten Years 613 Arnaud, K. A.
CFITSIO, v2.0: A New Full-Featured Data interface 617 Pence, W.
WCSTools: An Image Astrometry Toolkit 621 Mink, D. J.
An Array Module for Python 625 Greenfield, P.; Miller, T.; Hsu, J.-C.; White, R. L.
ChaRT: The Chandra Ray Tracer 629 Carter, C.; Karovska, M.; Jerius, D.; Glotfelty, K.; Beikman, S.
Data Reduction Software for the VLT Integral Field Spectrometer SPIFFI 633 Schreiber, J.; Eisenhauer, F.; Tecza, M.; Abuter, R.; Horrobin, M.; Thatte, N.
ImgCutout, an Engine of Instantaneous Astronomical Discovery 637 Nieto-Satisteban, M. A.; Szalay, A. S.
TOPCAT & STIL: Starlink Table/VOTable Processing Software 641 Taylor, M. B.
CUPID: A Clump Identification and Analysis Package 647 Berry, D. S., Reinhold, K.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.
The Montage Image Mosaic Service: Custom Image Mosaics On-Demand 651 Berriman, G. B.; Good, J. C.; Laity, A. C.; Kong, M.
Part XI. Scientific Software Development   
C++, Objected-Oriented Programming, and Astronomical Data Models 657 Farris, A.
Subject-Oriented Programming 669 Coggins, J. M.
Creating an Object-Oriented Software System—The AIPS++ Exoerience 679 Glendenning, B. E.
Other People's Software 689 Mandel, E.; Murray, S. S.
Scientific Computing with Python 693 Beazley, D. M.
The Aladin Java Applet Experience 703 Fernique, P.; Bonnarel, F.
The ALADIN Survey Integrator 707 Bonnarel, F.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Bienaymé , O.; Egret, D.
Astronomical Software—A Review 711 Shortridge, K.
Software Engineering Practices for the ESO VLT Programme 717 Filippi, G.; Sivera, P.; Carbognani, F.
The XMM-Newton SAS — Distributed Development and Maintenance of a Large Science Analysis System: A Critical Analysis 727 Gabriel, C.; Hoar, J.; Ibarra, A.; Lammers, U.; Ojero, E.; Saxton, R.; Vacanti, G.; Denby, M.; Fyfe, D.; Osborne, J.
The Development of SAOImage DS9: Lessons Learned from a Small but Successful Software Project 733 Joye, W. A.; Mandel, E.
Quality Management in Astronomical Software and Data Systems 737 Radziwill, N. M.
Talking Amongst Ourselves — Communication in the Astronomical Software Community 747 Shortridge, K.
The True Bottleneck of Modern Scientific Computing in Astronomy 753 Chilingarian, I.; Zolotukhin, I.
Part XII. Surveys   
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its Archive 759 Szalay, A. S.; Kunszt, P.; Thakar, A.; Gray, J.; Slutz, D.
Palomar-QUEST: A case study in designing sky surveys in the VO era 769 Graham, M. J.; Williams, R.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Mahabal, A.; Baltay, C.; Rabinowitz, D.; Bauer, A.; Snyder, J.; Morgan, N.; Andrews, P.; Szalay, A. S.; Brunner, R. J.; Musser, J.
Time Domain Explorations with Digital Sky Surveys 773 Mahabal, A. A.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Graham, M. J.; Kollipara, P.; Granett, B.; Krause, E.; Williams, R. D.; Bogosavljevic, M.; Baltay, C.; Rabinowitz, D.; Bauer, A.; Andrews, P.; Ellman, N.; Duffau, S.; Jerke, J.; Rengstorf, A.; Brunner, R. J.; Musser, J.; Mufson, S.; Gebhard, M.
LSST and the Dark Sector: Image Processing Challenges 779 Tyson, J. A.; Roat, C.; Bosch, J.; Wittman, D.
Back Matter   
Author Index 787 Evans, I. N.
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