ASP Monograph
Title: Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume II, The Southern Sky
Volume: 5 Year: 2008  
Editors: Reipurth, Bo
ISBN: 978-1-58381-671-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-678-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
HSFR 2 Cover and Front Matter Reipurth, B.
The Canis Major Star Forming Region 1 Gregorio-Hetem, J.
NGC2362: The Terminus of Star Formation 26 Dahm, S.E.
Young Stars and Dust Clouds in Puppis and Vela 43 Pettersson, B.
The Embedded Massive Star Forming Region RCW38 124 Wolk, S.J.; Bourke, T.L.; Vigil, M.
The Carina Nebula: A Laboratory for Feedback and Triggered Star Formation 138 Smith, N.; Brooks, K.J.
Chamaeleon 169 Luhman, K.L.
Young Stars and Molecular Clouds in the IC 2944/2948 Complex 213 Reipurth, B.
The Southern Coalsack 222 Nyman, L.-Å .
The Nearest OB Association: Scorpius-Centaurus (ScoOB2) 235 Preibisch, T.: Mamajek, E.
The Circinus Star Forming Complex 285 Reipurth, B.; Bally, J.; Walawender, J.
The Lupus Clouds 295 Comerón, F.
Star Formation in the ρ Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud 351 Wilking, B.A.; Gagné , M.; Allen, L.E.
Low Mass Star Formation in the Norma Cloud 381 Reipurth, B.; Nielbock, M.
The Ara OB 1a Association 388 Wolk, S.J.; Comerón, F.; Bourke, T.
Young Stars in NGC 6231 and the Sco OB1 Association 401 Reipurth, B.
The Pipe Nebula: A Young Molecular Cloud Complex 415 Alves, J.; Lombardi, M.; Lada, C.J.
RCW120: A Perfect Bubble 437 Deharveng, L.; Zavagno, A.
The Isolated Embedded Cluster GM 24 449 Tapia, M.; Persi, P.
Star Formation in NGC 6334 456 Persi, P.; Tapia, M.
The Multiwavelength Picture of Star Formation in the Very Young Open Cluster NGC6383 497 Rauw, G.; De Becker, M.
M20: Star Formation in a Young HII Region 509 Rho, J.; Lefloch, B.; Reach, W.T.; Cernicharo, J.
The Lagoon Nebula and its Vicinity 533 Tothill, N.F.H.; Gagné, M.; Stecklum, B.; Kenworthy, M.A.
Star Formation in Sagittarius: The Lynds 291 Cloud 578 Reipurth, B.; Rodney, S.A.; Heathcote, S.
The Young Cluster NGC 6604 and the Serpens OB2 Association 590 Reipurth, B.
Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula 599 Oliveira, J.M.
Star Formation in M17 625 Chini, R.; Hoffmeister, V.
The W40 Cloud Complex 683 Rodney, S.A.; Reipurth, B.
The Serpens Molecular Cloud 693 Eiroa, C.; Djupvik, A.A.; Casali, M.M.
The Corona Australis Star Forming Region 735 Neuhäuser, R.; Forbrich, J.
Young Nearby Loose Associations 757 Torres, C.A.O.; Quast, G.R.; Melo, C.H.F.; Sterzik, M.F.
Star Formation and Molecular Clouds at High Galactic Latitude 813 McGehee, P.M.
Star Formation in Bok Globules and Small Clouds 847 Reipurth, B.
Back Matter   
HSFR 2 Back Matter 879 Reipurth, B.