ASP Monograph
Title: Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume I, The Northern Sky
Volume: 4 Year: 2008  
Editors: Reipurth, Bo
ISBN: 978-1-58381-670-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-677-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
HSFR 1 Cover and Front Matter Reipurth, B.
Star Forming Regions along the Milky Way: A Panoramic View 1 Mellinger, A.
Where are all the Young Stars in Aquila? 18 Prato, L.; Rice, E.L.; Dame, T.M.
Star Formation and Young Clusters in Cygnus 36 Reipurth, B.; Schneider, N.
S106 90 Hodapp, K.; Schneider, N.
Young Stars and Molecular Clouds in the IC 5146 Region 108 Herbig, G.H.; Reipurth, B.
The Lacerta OB1 Association 124 Chen, W.P.; Lee, H.T.
Star Forming Regions in Cepheus 136 Kun, M.; Kiss, Z.T.; Balog, Z.
Star Forming Regions in Cassiopeia 240 Kun, M.
Low and High Mass Star Formation in theW3, W4, and W5 Regions 264 Megeath, S.T.; Townsley, L.K.; Oey, M.S.; Tieftrunk, A.R.
Young Stars and Clouds in Camelopardalis 294 Straizys, V.; Laugalys, V.
The Perseus Cloud 308 Bally, J.; Walawender, J.; Johnstone, D.; Kirk, H.; Goodman, A.
NGC 1333: A Nearby Burst of Star Formation 346 Walawender, J.; Bally, J.; Di Francesco, J.; Jørgensen, J.; Getman, K.
Star Formation in IC 348 372 Herbst, W.
The LkHα 101 Cluster 390 Andrews, S.M.; Wolk, S.J.
Low Mass Star Formation in the Taurus-Auriga Clouds 405 Kenyon, S.J.; Gómez, M.; Whitney, B.A.
Overview of the Orion Complex 459 Bally, J.
Star Formation in the Orion Nebula I: Stellar Content 483 Muench, A.; Getman, K.; Hillenbrand, L.; Preibisch, T.
Star Formation in the Orion Nebula II: Gas, Dust, Proplyds and Outflows 544 O’Dell, C.R.; Muench, A.; Smith, N.; Zapata, L.
The Orion Molecular Cloud 2/3 and NGC 1977 Regions 590 Peterson, D.E.; Megeath, S.T.
Low Mass Star Formation in the Lynds 1641 Molecular Cloud 621 Allen, L.E.; Davis, C.J.
Star Formation in NGC 2023, NGC 2024, and Southern L1630 662 Meyer, M.R.; Flaherty, K.; Levine, J.L.; Lada, E.A.; Bowler, B.P.; Kandori, R.
Star Formation in NGC 2068, NGC 2071, and Northern L1630 693 Gibb, A.G.
The σ Orionis Cluster 732 Walter, F.M.; Sherry, W.H.; Wolk, S.J.; Adams, N.R.
The λ Orionis Star Forming Region 757 Mathieu, R.D.
The L1617 and L1622 Cometary Clouds in Orion 782 Reipurth, B.; Megeath, S.T.; Bally, J.; Walawender, J.
Orion Outlying Clouds 801 Alcalá, J.M.; Covino, E.; Leccia, S.
The Dispersed Young Population in Orion 838 Briceño, C.
Star Formation and Molecular Clouds towards the Galactic Anti-Center 869 Reipurth, B.; Yan, C.-H.
The Monoceros R2 Molecular Cloud 899 Carpenter, J.M.; Hodapp, K.W.
Star Formation in the Rosette Complex 928 Román-Zúñiga, C.G.; Lada, E.A.
The Young Cluster and Star Forming Region NGC2264 966 Dahm, S.E.
Back Matter   
HSFR 1 Back Matter 1009 Reipurth, B.