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Paper: OPUS-97: A Generalized Operational Pipeline System
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 547
Authors: Rose, J.
Abstract: OPUS is the platform on which the telemetry pipeline at the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute is running currently. Opus was developed both to repair the mistakes of the past, and to build a system which could meet the challenges of the future. The production pipeline inherited at the Space Telescope Science Institute was designed a decade earlier, and made assumptions about the environment which were unsustainable. While OPUS was developed in an environment that required a great deal of attention to throughput, speed, efficiency, flexibility, robustness and extensibility, it is not just a “big science” machine. The OPUS platform, our baseline product, is a small compact system designed to solve a specific problem in a robust way. The OPUS platform handles communication with the OPUS blackboard; individual processes within this pipeline need have no knowledge of OPUS, of the blackboard, or of the pipeline itself. The OPUS API is an intermediate pipeline product. In addition to the pipeline platform and the GUI managers, the OPUS object libraries can give your mission finer control over pipeline processing. The OPUS platform, including a sample pipeline, is now available on CD-ROM. That package, designed to be run on the Solaris operating system, can help you decide whether OPUS can be used for your own mission.
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